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I strive to provide the best quality in my scripts but, I accept the fact that not all websites are the same, nor all webmasters are having the same needs. Maybe a ready script is good for general use, but professional webmasters want to have it working 100% according to their special needs. That's why my most popular services is custom coding work. This can range from feature additions to existing products to entirely new products designed specifically around your needs. I specialize in vBulletin, WHMCS Clientarea modules, and PHP work, but I'm also more than capable to create custom designs. I have performed custom work for more than 10 years now, serving more than 200 customers. The fact that they continue choosing me for their custom needs means that they're happy with the quality of my work.

Depending on the requirements my rates start at a highly competitive $35.00 USD per hour for any PHP coding, or $50.00 USD per hour for vBulletin/WHMCS, and you receive a guarantee of first-class programming. I take on projects of various sizes, from a single week's work to ongoing monthly retainer work. I'm getting very serious any custom work, that's why I operate a dedicated section for all custom jobs where you can follow the progress of your project and get personal support. So if you're interesting for any custom work click the button below to request a quote without any obligation from your side.



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