Benefits of my License

Here is what is including in your payment for all my WHMCS modules. Most of them (if even available) are costing more money is other scripts:


1.- 100% Visible Source Code

And when I'm saying 100% is 100% and not 99.99%. Nothing is hidden, nothing is encoded. All files are well commented and editable to full. I prefer to spend my time coding than spying. I use to trust people. So encoding files, is something out of my interest. This does not means that I'm dropping my right to add code for license check. But again the code should be open, so anybody can easily remove it. But doing it you'll loose your right to get support. None support ticket will gets reply if your domain installation is not registered. 

2.- Brand Free

Even if, as end-user, never had problem to display that Powered by... link in page footer, I accept as normal that most users don't like such links. That's  why all my modules are not having any visible link in any page. This does not means that you own the code. You can't share for free or for profit the full code or part of it. You're not getting any copyright ownership.

3.- One-Time Payment

Yes, that's correct. Your first payment can be your only payment if what you want is to use the code for ever and download updates for ever. Only if you want to continue using the support department, only then, you must optionally renew your subscription. Once again. Download should be available ever after the initial 180 days time period. Don't forget to count something important. Even if you've more than 1 license, you'll pay once only for support. That's an extra savings for you.



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