Custom Work

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I strive to provide the best quality in my scripts but, I accept the fact that not all websites are the same, nor all webmasters are having the same needs. Maybe a ready script is good for general use, but professional webmasters want to have it...

About ChrisTERiS

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1.- Biography My name is Christos (or Chris internationally) Teriakis, born at 27 October 1956 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I'm still living. Too young to say that I'm old, too old to say that I'm a teenager :) 2.-...

Benefits of my License

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Here is what is including in your payment for all my WHMCS modules. Most of them (if even available) are costing more money is other scripts:   1.- 100% Visible Source Code And when I'm saying 100% is 100% and not 99.99%. Nothing is...

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