From Apr 12th, 2020 you can't place any new order, as I'm moving all my PHP scripts, in my main domain.
When finish, you'll auto redirect to that website.

Do you think that a Forum module can offers only basic forum features. Think again. whmcsBB, my flagship module, moves the water. Has (or should have in upcoming updates), most of the features that big names like vBulletin, xenForo, IPB have. From now on you don't need a forum bridge. whmcsBB is your best choice to start a community in your WHMCS website.


Most important features:

  • Forums
    • Which Usergroup(s) can post
    • Which Usergroup(s) can read (Private Forums)
    • Use of Prefixes with option to set prefix mandatory. Also you can set which usegroup can use each one. As a simple example in a bug report a Member can select "Reported" but not "Confirmed" a choice that a Moderator can use.
    • Forum Image
  • Threads
    • Thread Rating
    • Post Likes
  • Usergoups Permissions (Unlimited Usergroups)
    • Can View
    • Can Post
    • Can Edit
    • Edit time limit
    • Can Reply
    • Can Quote
    • Can Delete
    • Delete time limit
    • Can Rate
    • Can have Signature
  • Others
    • Report Posts
    • Report Users
    • Block Users
    • Ban Users (Currently permanently)
    • Advanced Search (see screenshot)
    • Quick Links (see screenshot)
    • Move Threads from Forum to Forum
    • Unlimited depth of Forums
    • Online Users
    • Nice modal User profile
    • Social Share
    • Subscribe to Forum
    • Subscribe to Thread
    • Follow User
  • Small but very useful features are:
    • Trusted Members: I've split the standard "Members" usegroup that exists in all forums in 2 groups:
      • Members
      • Trusted Members This will helps you to give more permissions to you old members.
    • In General Settings there are 2 options which are working in conjuction each other and determine when a Member can be trust:
      • After xxx days of his registration date
      • After xxx posts
  • Some Anti-spam features: as an additional anti-spam control, I'm putting in moderation (bypassing usergroup permissions) posts that:
    • The elapsed time between entering the form and submitting the form is very short
    • The elapsed time between 2 posts is very short. But in this case only the new post is going under moderation.




2018-08-15 09:50:00 | 1.6.0
PHP 7.2.x compatibility
2018-08-10 12:30:00 | 1.5.0
Fixed compatibility with latest MySQL and MariaDB to be able to Save/Update data when form has checkbox type fields.
2018-02-23 13:22:00 | 1.4.2
In addition to Admin email notifications, added notifications for replies/quotes to Thread starter.
2018-02-22 10:31:00 | 1.4.1
- Added description to forum listing - Fixed some bugs on Follow thread functionality
2018-02-18 15:00:00 | 1.4.0
1.- New Features a] Added a new Forum listing, like the Traditional Forums b] Added Notifications to Admin (or any email address), for New Threads, Replies, Quotes. Please note that Notifications work only if the poster is not Moderator or Admin. I'll extend this with user notifications as long as I'll solve a problem for parsing default whmcs email template. 2.- Bug Fixes a] Report Post Modal was not working well when site is running in SSL. ... Fixed... b] Last thread in Forum listing was not appearing when the Forum had subforums making users think that there are no threads there.... Fixed...
2017-11-16 11:50:00 | 1.3.1
Usergroups and General settings are now available to all admins instead only to super admin
2017-10-05 00:00:00 | 1.3.0
Fixes a bug in uploader
2017-09-19 20:37:00 | 1.2.0
Fixed profile modal bug when SEO links were active.

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