• Grant usergroup after purchasing service & a few other questions.

  • Started by Supreme,
  • at 09/22/2019, 06:29am


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at 09/22/2019, 06:29am

Excellent addon that is overlooked by many! Custom fields and permissions are very powerful features. Incredible attention to detail and styling!
I would like to know if it would be possible to grant clients a forum usergroup after purchasing a specific service?
Ex. Client buys premium hosting package. Afterwards they are granted the premium member forum role. This would allow many different possibilities and configurations like membership subscriptions, advertising forums etc.
Second, is there a way to automatically connect the client to the forum without them having to click a button and fill out the profile? I force users to create a whmcs account before reaching the current clientarea.php but I would like to use the forum as the home page. Having to fill out two forms back to back may be a little too involved for the average user.
Last, the possibility of integrating most of the forum sidebar with the whmcs hook $primaryNavbar->addChild('Forum') would be preferable to me but I can hardcode it if need be.
If there's any possible way to achieve these objectives I believe your forum addon would be absolutely perfect! Again I am amazed at the value of this addon and very happy with the product.

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